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Have you tried the "New" Krave Experience?

Hey krave babes. Welcome to the Krave experience 😉.

Kraving Tingz products are created to make cooking easy. With just a pack of the all-purpose seasoning and one of the sauces, will provide one of the best meals your family will talk about. Let's get into this.

Erry-Ting All-purpose seasoning is good for just that, putting it on ERRY-TING. It's your basic seasoning for making breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's also good to use after making dishes. Perfect for beginner cooks, kids, elderly family members who are on restrictions and whoever else loves cooking.

Yum-YaBum sauce is awesome sauce. Yum-YaBum in Krave lingo means "delicious". It's an awesome sauce on all meats, perfect marinade on fish, a healthy salad dressing, the perfect sauce on lamb and just by adding a little olive oil you will create a tasty, delicious, healthy salad dressing. The BEST on tacos hands down!!

Zing-a-Bing sauce is my absolute favorite right now. It's kind of like an asian stir fry sauce but the krave way. Super loaded with flavor. Perfect for the kids to use on ramen noodles an excellent way to get them to eat veggies. I love it on beef dishes. Perfect to cook many tingz with.

Now that you have a little scoop on my products🥰, my question is...

Are you ready to try the Krave experience😉?

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    clients's love the products listed And the feedback on my homemade products makes my heart smile. I love making my krave babes happy.

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    Marinated, grilled, baked or fried, all of our Krave babes are always satisisfied !!

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    This customer had the opportunity to try ALL products. This review really made Mr smile.

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